BeerSmith 2 – Release Notes

BeerSmith 2 build 2.0.65 is the latest version available – released on 16 April 2012.

Changes for Build 2.0.65 (also includes fixes from Build 2.0.64 and earlier).

  • Finalized fixes from Build 2.0.64
  • Corrected “tab key” issue on dialogs in Linux/Ubuntu – tab keys now move between fields correctly
  • Corrected file export on Linux/Ubuntu
  • Created separate version control files for each different build (PC, Mac, Linux) to facilitate better control over specific fixes for individual platforms.

Changes for Build 2.0.64 (beta) – Available on the Discussion Forum

  • Autosave default changed back to 8 minutes, and also is now a configurable option under the options dialog.  This should help those experiencing long autosaves (delays) when using the program.
  • Backups added for Options files to prevent corruption of options/loss of key information
  • Corrected error where post-boil sugars were being included in mash efficiency calculations
  • Moved to slightly smaller button titles for the open recipe tabs to accommodate smaller screens.
  • Corrected dates on calendar – previously it was rounding dates to one day earlier for March 2012 due to subtle timing issue across the leap year boundary
  • Attempted to improve scrolling on dialog views – though still not perfect it is better than before
  • Adjusted stir plate factor for yeast calculations – it now applies the stir plate factor (2.66 by default) to only the growth portion of the yeast for a more accurate calculation
  • Corrected situation where program would “round” the numbers on some fields when a dialog was opened but the value was not changed.
  • Corrected Linux export of files (previously files were shown as “not a valid type)
  • Fixed Assert error that would show up when you clicked on the column past the column headers on the Mac build
  • Corrected error where deleting a tree item from the list of folders would cause an Assert
  • Corrected potential Yield assert on Mac when downloading add-ons
  • Corrected text version of Brew Process report – which was missing aroma hop additions
  • New tag added for custom reports $YEAST_NAME will generate the long name of the first fermentation yeast found in the recipe
  • Fixed right click menu on data views – previously you could only display the right click menu if you right clicked on an item

Changes in Build 2.0.57

  • Most significant correction is fix of a critical bug in the “Scale Recipe” command that was not filling the dialog with the correct boil volume when you scaled a recipe by selecting new equipment
  • Added a progress animation when accessing add-ons from the internet
  • Corrected bug in Mac 64 bit version where some help items from the Shortcut help menu were not working properly

Changes in Build 2.0.53/54

  • Corrected a bug in the tab updating  that was not correctly updating data that is on more than one recipe page (such as taste notes) across tabs.
  • When selecting hops the hop form is now correctly carried over to your choice from the database (for leaf/plug hops in your hop database)
  • Corrected a critical bug first reported on Mac (though evident on PC as well) that did not save some recipe equipment settings correctly if a recipe was opened, the equipment was changed and it was immediately closed.  This was corrected on both platforms.
  • Made minor updates to code to improve scrolling from recipe view via the scroll wheel.

Changes in Build 2.0.52

  • First 64-bit Cocoa executable for the Macintosh – needed for better Lion support as well as eventually distributing on the Mac App store
  • Fixed customization of columns to allow editing of all columns (including the first) and also properly refresh columns in views when multiple recipe folders are open at the same time
  • Corrected occasional issues where button on Mac was remaining pressed/focused after mouse had moved off button
  • Corrected themes to provide proper coloring for text on boxes, buttons, etc for better theme support
  • Fixed previewing and printing of text reports on Mac version – they were previously displayed incorrectly in preview/printing
  • Added $STEEP_INGREDIENTS tag to BrewProcess.txt report to capture steeped ingredients for extract recipes
  • Improved error handling of corrupt XML files on reading to prevent crashes when loading mis-formatted files
  • Corrected tab mouse handling on Mac – previous version missed some mouse clicks on the right side of the tabs
  • Corrected recipe save button – which was added in build 51 – it was not saving changes after the first “save” was complete
  • Corrected Undo for recipes – editing a single recipe in previous build would not “undo” correctly in some cases
  • Corrected columns bug that caused crash on upgrade if user had a much earlier version without ingredient column settings
  • Added preview pane commands (Preview pane on right, left, off) to menus and also ribbon
  • Disabled “hide menu” option on Mac version in case user copied profiles/options over from PC with menu hidden

Changes in Build 2.0.51

  • Corrected error in customize columns that removed first column when editing the columns shown
  • Moved registration buttons above tips on tips screen to avoid confusion for first time users attempting to register
  • Changed US barrel definition from standard barrel (31.5 gallons) to a beer barrel (31 gallons) to support microbreweries
  • Added black color theme (high contrast) to support some users
  • Changed timer for autosave to save more frequently to avoid data loss
  • Added save button to allow you to save changes to  a recipe without closing it
  • Corrected bug where adjusting equipment profile for certain recipes was not being saved properly in some cases
  • Made substantial additions to resource file and translation code to fully support non-English versions of BeerSmith by allowing virtually every label and button to be translated using tools available on the BeerSmith discussion forum.

Earlier Versions (Build 2.0.50 and earlier)

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