BeerSmith 2 Support

NOTE: This is for the older BeerSmith 2.3 software release.  You can find the new BeerSmith 3 support page here.  For earlier versions of BeerSmith™, please visit our BeerSmith™ 1.4 Support Page.

NOTE: Many top questions (moving files over, antivirus issues, Linux etc) are covered in the Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More about BeerSmith™ 2 and BeerSmith™ Mobile

BeerSmith™ Community

Add-ons for BeerSmith™ 2

  • Many recipes and ingredients are available using the new Add-on button in BeerSmith™ 2
  • View our new BeerSmithRecipes site where thousands of recipes are available in BeerSmith™ format.
  • View our online database of grains, hops, yeast and brewing water.

Additional Support Options

For a fast response on technical questions, I recommend checking the Frequently Asked Questions and Videos which I will be updating regularly or post your query to the Discussion Forum where dozens of beta testers can help.

I also stand ready to help with your questions if you can’t find an answer online:

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