BeerSmith 3 Licensing Explained

BeerSmith 3 offers four licensing options – a “buy it once” basic option and three subscription options that come with our new web based recipe editor which you can try at, cloud space, free upgrades.  You can see a comparison of the options and pricing here:

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The subscription options (Gold, Platinum, Professional) yearly packages together your BeerSmith desktop license with additional cloud space and also include free major version upgrades for a modest yearly fee.  This replaces the old “bundles” that had a much higher price entry point.  I am also working on online tools and a future online version of BeerSmith that will be available to subscribers at no charge.

The basic license is equivalent to the old BeerSmith 2 license in that you pay once.  It includes minor upgrades only, a free cloud account for up to 15 recipes and up to two computer activations.

What if I Have a BeerSmith 2 License?

You will need a new license to use BeerSmith 3.  Here are some upgrade options:

  • All Gold, Platinum or Professional member accounts have been upgraded include a BeerSmith 3 license at your current level for the remainder of your subscription term.  Any recent members I missed will be upgraded prior to the release date.
  • For BeerSmith 2 users who purchased recently (after 15 October 2017), there is an upgrade page where you can check eligibility for a free 12 month Gold subscription, depending on purchase date so you can try BeerSmith 3.
  • All BeerSmith 2 users can continue to use BeerSmith2 for several more years, and we will continue to answer questions and offer support
  • All other users of BeerSmith can download and try the BeerSmith 3 program for 21 days for free at release. It will run in a separate directory and does not alter or interfere with your existing BeerSmith 2 install, so you can try it and purchase if you decide to upgrade.
  • You can purchase BeerSmith 3 using the link below

Buy BeerSmith 3

The BeerSmith 3 License and Online Activation System

For the new activation system your license is tied to your BeerSmith cloud account, which offers a secure way to manage the licenses and computers you have activated.  When you purchase a license, it is added directly to your account.  You can manage your licenses by logging into your account here.  You do need an internet connection to activate your computer.  It only takes a minute and is good for the term of your license.  You also have the option when purchasing to sign up for a yearly subscription, which will renew automatically each year.

When you activate your software it will ask you to open a secure link and log into your cloud account, and then it will tie the activation to your online license.  Each license comes with two or more device activations, and you can deactivate devices, renew your license or manage license options from your BeerSmithRecipes account, or by logging in and going to the profile page at any time.

What About BeerSmith Mobile?

For BeerSmith mobile, purchase and licensing will still be a separate purchase via the major app stores (iTunes, Google Play and Amazon).  While I would prefer to bundle these with the desktop software, the terms and restrictions set by the major mobile stores don’t allow this.  I do intend to phase out the “lite” versions of the apps in favor of the full BeerSmith 3 mobile app, as very few users are choosing the lite version.

Why the Changes in the Licensing System?

It has been 7 years since I launched BeerSmith 2, and we’ve offered three significant updates during that period for free.  I felt BeerSmith 3, with the addition of mead, wine and cider as well as substantial new beer brewing tools warranted an upgrade.  Also the addition of cloud folders and unlisted recipe sharing makes the cloud a much more useful tool for recipe management.  Finally many users found the old system of selling high price “bundles” along with separate renewals confusing and overpriced.

The new subscription options actually lower the entry price point substantially to $14.95/year for new users, gives users the cloud space they need to organize and share recipes, and better supports the actual costs of long term support, maintenance of servers and update of the user base.  In the future as more of the tools and recipe building features for BeerSmith come online, the subscription option will also better serve users who want to access their data from the web using a single cloud account.

The online activation system will also give users more flexibility when moving systems, and cut down on piracy which has been a real problem with the existing BeerSmith 2 key system.  In some cases we had as many as 295 activations attempted against single key under the old system.

Sales of the software underwrite all of the other free services I provide including the Recipe Website, BeerSmith blog, Newsletter, Podcast, club visits and other activities.  If you enjoy these services and want to support BeerSmith, consider a subscription option.
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Thank you for your support!


Brad Smith, BeerSmith LLC