BeerSmith Recipe Cloud Beta Test

New Version Available – BeerSmith 2.1.00 BETA is now available for download below!

Version 2.1 includes the brew timer as well as a number of fixes (including in-place editing and full unicode support for the cloud!).

The recipe cloud is an online recipe database and beer recipe sharing site that serves several purposes:

  • It allows a “cloud” folder in BeerSmith to be shared across multiple machines – making it much easier to synchronize recipes between machines
  • It also lets you share selected recipes with the rest of the world via the web site, including a number of social media features to rate recipes, share with friends, etc…
  • These shared recipes can be searched, viewed and downloaded online for easy reference.  You can also access your private recipes from the web by logging in.

The Web Site –

  • The new web site at is the hub of the new service
  • Please go to that site and click on the register button to set up an account using your email address
  • You will receive a confirmation email after registering to activate your account

Beta Versions of the Cloud Enabled Software

  • Download the cloud enabled beta versions of BeerSmith here for Windows | Mac 64 bit | Mac 32 bit | Ubuntu 64 bit | Ubuntu 32 bit
  • Install it on your computer
  • Go to the Cloud folder under the View Menu/Ribbon
  • Log in to the cloud when prompted using your account

Using the Cloud Within BeerSmith

  • To add recipes to your cloud folder, useAdd  or Copy/Paste to copy recipes from your My Recipes folder and place them on the cloud
  • You can also right click on an item in your regular folders and use the Copy to Cloud command to move it to the cloud folder
  • To share recipes (make them public), select a recipe in the cloud folder and click on the Shared/Private button
  • To refresh your list of recipes (after making changes online or on another computer) use the Refresh button
  • You can replace an existing recipe in the cloud with another cloud recipe using the Replace button.  This is primarily used in cases where you don’t want to lose comments/ratings on an existing shared recipe.
  • The cloud folder is available from multiple computers – so if you log into it from another machine you will see the same list of recipes and changes will be propagated between machines when you refresh the folder.  This lets you easily share recipes across machines.

Using the Cloud From

  • You can log into your account on at any time, and view both your private and shared recipes from a web browser
  • You can also search the database of recipes and bookmark, download or make a private copy of any recipe and store it to your cloud folder
  • You can follow other brewers, rate their recipes, share recipes, comment on their walls (or your own wall) and join in the discussion online as well


  • Your feedback is very important – please let me know what you think by dropping me an email!
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