Beer Brewing Like a Pro – BSHB Podcast #7

by Brad Smith on January 14, 2011 · 0 comments

This week I feature Scott Hettig, the Brewmaster at St Francis brewery and George Bluvas the Brewmaster at Water Street Brewery. Both are avid home brewers who eventually became full time professional brewmasters, and this week they share a bit of their story and brewing advice. We talk in detail about what it takes to become a professional brewer, how it differs from home brewing and how a passion for brewing is critical for success.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (35:00)

  • This week we have two professional brewers – Scott Hettig of St Francis Brewery and George Bluvas of Water Street Brewery talking about what it takes to become a professional brewer.
  • George talks about how he started out sweeping floors and volunteering on the brew floor, then eventually worked his way up to become the brewmaster.
  • We cover professional versus home brewing processes and how to convert small batches into really large ones
  • What it really takes to become a professional brewmaster
  • George’s experience as a GABF medal winner – and what it takes to create an award winning brew
  • Tips for home brewers looking to go pro
  • What a homebrewer might be able to learn from a professional brewer
  • Some of the people who have inspired our guests

Thanks again to George and Scott for taking time out to participate in the podcast!

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