Gluten Free Beer Brewing with Robert Keifer- BeerSmith Podcast #198

Robert Keifer joins us from Divine Sciences Brewing this week to discuss gluten free beer brewing recipe design.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (57:20)

  • This week I welcome Robert Keifer. Robert recently started a gluten free brewery called Divine Sciences Brewing and has also written on gluten free brewing for BYO magazine.
  • We start with a discussion of some of the changes since Robert last appeared on the show including the start of his new brewery.
  • Robert explains some of the differences between traditional recipe design and gluten free recipe design.
  • We talk about the exclusion of barley, wheat and rye and how that affects the flavor of the ber.
  • Robert tells us which alternative grains work best as base and specialty grains.
  • We discuss the issue of color which can be a bit different for gluten free grains than it is for barley grains.
  • Robert explains why some gluten free beers lack body and also what can be done to increase the body in a finished beer.
  • We explore mashing alternative grains and how the mash schedule often needs to be highly modified to properly convert non-barley grains.
  • Robert talks about enzymes which are needed for many gluten free grains as they lack sufficient enzymes of their own to self-convert.
  • We talk about fermentation and how to manage low final gravities.
  • Robert shares his closing thoughts.


Thanks to Robert Keifer for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!
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