Common Sense Brewing with John Blichmann – BeerSmith Podcast #226

John Blichmann joins me this week to discuss ways to simplify your brew day with “common sense brewing”, beer brewing and intelligent use of your equipment.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (46:56)

  • This week I welcome back John Blichmann. John Blichmann is President of Blichmann Engineering.  Blichmann is the innovative creator of innovative home brewing equipment like the Anvil Foundry, BrewEasy, and new RipTide brewing pump.  John is a lifetime brewer, frequent guest, sponsor of the show, and good friend.
  • We start with a short discussion of how John’s business has been doing with the recent growth in home brewing.
  • John tells us a bit about his overall concept of “common sense brewing” and approaches for simplifying the process.
  • We talk about carbonation, and how some brewers make it a bit more complex than needed.
  • John shares his thoughts on bottling from the keg including various methods for doing so.
  • We discuss “low ox” brewing and how some brewers go overboard trying to reduce oxygen before fermentation.
  • John and I discuss transfers and ways to minimize risk when transferring beers after fermentation. We also talk about pressurized transfers.
  • We talk a bit about pressurized fermentation which John discussed back in episode 163.
  • We discuss how too much complexity in brewing can spoil the fun, unless complexity happens to be the part of brewing you enjoy.
  • We talk about the growing popularity of “all in one” brewing systems including several Anvil and Blichmann systems.
  • John gives his closing thoughts.


Thanks to John Blichmann for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!
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