Your Tasting Brain with Randy Mosher – BeerSmith Podcast #292

This week I welcome back Randy Mosher to discuss his upcoming book “Your Tasting Brain” and how we taste and judge beer.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (55:16)

  • This week I welcome back Randy Mosher. Randy is the author of the books Mastering Homebrew, Radical Brewing, and Tasting Beer. (Full disclosure: Amazon affiliate links to books) He’s also partner in two breweries near Chicago Five Rabbit and Forbidden Root.
  • We start with a short update on Randy’s two breweries as well as how some craft breweries are experiencing competitive pressure now.
  • Randy describes his upcoming book “Your Tasting Brain” at a high level.
  • We talk about the sense of taste and smell as well as how they interact with each other.
  • Randy explains how your sense of smell and taste changes during the day with your mood, environment, and a dozen other factors.
  • We discuss the olfactory system and how it uses patterns to trigger memories but discards the basic chemical data.
  • We talk about the various loops that feed up from our basic senses to the cognitive level and how they then generate impressions and stories we can discuss.
  • Randy shares why beer and wine are fairly complex beverages to sense and taste and how our brain has a hard time dissecting individual components.
  • We discuss how the smell sense dumps its data like a fire hose directly into the Limbic (emotional) system, directly triggering very strong emotions and memories, often without context. This makes judging smells and flavors much more difficult.
  • Randy explains how you can become better at judging beer.


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