DMS In Beer with Dr Charlie Bamforth – BeerSmith Podcast #296

by Brad Smith on January 23, 2024 · 0 comments

Dr Charlie Bamforth joins me this week to discuss Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) in beer and how to manage it.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (53:49)

  • This week I welcome back Dr Charlie Bamforth, Professor Emeritus from the University of California at Davis. Charlie specializes in the study of the wholesomeness of beer including beer perception, polyphenols, foam stability, oxidation and flavor stability.
  • You can request a copy of the article Charlie refers to in the show by clicking on this link: Dimethyl Sulfide – Significance, Origins, and Control | Request PDF (
  • I start with an update of some of Charlie’s activities in the last year including some new book editions he has available.
  • We begin our talk about Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) which considered an off flavor in many beers. Charlie and I previously discussed this briefly in BeerSmith epsiode #121 on boiling beer. Charlie explains what DMS is and why its important.
  • We explore the two origins of DMS in beer, one of which is SMM from the malting and the other is from fermentation.
  • Charlie walks us through the chemistry in malt that leads to SMM and eventually DMS in a finished beer. It is mainly a problem with lighter malts that are highly modified.
  • We discuss barley selection, and a long rolling boil as potential methods to control DMS on the malt side.
  • Next Charlie explains DMS production by yeast during fermentation, which is not as well known but still a substantial source of DMS in the finished beer.
  • We discuss ways to reduce DMS during fermentation.
  • Charlie summarizes how a brewer can reduce DMS from both sources and control DMS in their finished beer.
  • Charlie shares his closing thoughts.


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