Alternative Languages for BeerSmith Desktop

by Brad Smith on May 12, 2022 · 0 comments

This week I’m going to cover how you can run BeerSmith desktop in a variety of languages using the language files available online. With the worldwide popularity of our BeerSmith software, I often get users asking if it is available in non-English versions. Fortunately the software was designed with this in mind, so there are […]

This week I take a look at the shopping list and inventory features available on BeerSmith Web. These features were added in March of 2022 to the web based version which you can try for free on from any computer, tablet or phone. The web based version provides a common view of inventory and […]

The 2021 BJCP Beer Style guidelines were released on 29 December, 2021 by the Beer Judge Certification Program, and are now available for BeerSmith web and desktop. The 2021 guidelines are considered a modest revision of the 2015 style guide, and an effort was made to maintain the majority of the categories and style names […]

I frequently get the question of how to transition BeerSmith data from one computer to another if you have purchased a new computer. This week I’m going to cover how to most easily transfer your local brewing data. It is important to note that BeerSmith desktop stores all of your “My Recipe” data locally on […]

The Ultimate BeerSmith Equipment Profile Guide

by Brad Smith on November 23, 2021 · 0 comments

Some of the most frequent questions I receive on BeerSmith software are about how to properly set up and dial in your equipment profile. This is an important first step as the equipment you are using drives all of the critical recipe estimates like color, bitterness and original gravity. I’ve composed many articles and videos […]

This week I present the mash temperature calculations in BeerSmith and how you can adjust your equipment profile and mash profile to hit your mash temperature the first time. Mash Steps and Profiles To understand the mash profile system in BeerSmith, lets start with the mash profiles themselves. You can edit and create mash profiles […]

Using All-in-One Brewing Equipment with BeerSmith

by Brad Smith on October 30, 2021 · 0 comments

With the growing popularity of small tabletop all-grain brewing systems I decided to take a look this week at how to set up and use these systems in BeerSmith. Tabletop All-in-one Brewing Systems There has been an explosion in the popularity of small all-in-one all grain electric brewing systems. These include systems like the DigiMash, […]

BeerSmith Web Highlights

by Brad Smith on October 18, 2021 · 1 comment

This week I highlight some of the great features in BeerSmith Web, which is our online version of BeerSmith you can use from any device. Simply create an account and log in at to give it a try. Also the editor is part of your license if you have a Gold, Platinum or Pro […]

Working with Fruits in BeerSmith 3

by Brad Smith on September 19, 2021 · 2 comments

This week I cover some of the basic concepts of using fruit in BeerSmith for making beer, wine, cider or meads. Fruit Basics BeerSmith 3 supports the use of fruit juice, purees, honey and whole fruits natively when making beer, mead, wine and cider recipes. Typically most fruits are added during primary or secondary fermentation. […]

The “Save As Default” Feature in BeerSmith

by Brad Smith on September 1, 2021 · 0 comments

This week I take a look at one of those little known features in BeerSmith brewing software that can make building recipes just a little easier. This feature is available in the desktop, mobile and web based versions of BeerSmith. What is “Save/Set as Default”? When you build a recipe in BeerSmith from scratch you […]

This week I take a look at how to exchange profiles and ingredients between the desktop version of BeerSmith and the web based version. These features were added as part of the BeerSmith 3.2 release and BeerSmith Web release. These features are also covered in a video tutorial on web based profiles and ingredients here. […]

BeerSmith Licensing Options Explained

by Brad Smith on July 29, 2021 · 4 comments

This week I take a look at the various versions and options available for using BeerSmith to develop your beer, mead, wine and cider recipes. This list is current as of mid 2021 following the release of BeerSmith 3.2 desktop and BeerSmith Web. BeerSmith Versions and Platforms BeerSmith Desktop – The BeerSmith desktop program, currently […]

Creating Custom Reports in BeerSmith Desktop

by Brad Smith on July 8, 2021 · 0 comments

This week I take a look at how you can create custom reports in the BeerSmith desktop program. This feature is currently only available on the desktop version of BeerSmith. The process described below applies to BeerSmith 3. BeerSmith 2 had a slightly different setup where you need to copy your template to the Documents/Reports […]

A short overview of using the session tab to record session specific measurements and fermentation data for your beer, mead, cider and wine recipes in BeerSmith Web. These features are also on the desktop version and the web version can be run from your tablet or phone. Related Videos: : Design Tab | Yeast Starter […]

The Brewday Timer in BeerSmith Web

by Brad Smith on June 30, 2021 · 0 comments

A short tutorial on the use of the brewday timer for the BeerSmith Web Version. This is also available on the desktop and mobile versions. Related Videos: Design Tab | Yeast Starter Tab | Water Profile Tab | Mash Tab | Session Tab | Recipe Adjustment Tools | Find/Scale Recipes | Pro Recipe Tips | […]