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Evaluating Your Beer with Denny Conn – BeerSmith Podcast #102

Denny Conn joins me this week to discuss a number of experiments he has made on evaluating and improving your beer.  Specifically he addresses decoction mashing, first wort hopping and biases in evaluating your beer.

You can find the full episode with show notes here.

Designing Beer with Denny Conn – BeerSmith Podcast #55

This week I discuss how to design a beer recipe with Denny Conn. Denny shares some of his tips on creating a home brewing recipe from scratch including imagining the beer, selecting ingredients, applying techniques and iterating to perfect the beer.

NOTE: The full video and show notes for this episode can be found here.

Batch Sparging with Denny Conn – BeerSmith Podcast #27

Batch sparging has become a popular technique for all grain home brewers to save time and money. This week I invite Denny Conn who is an expert in batch sparging to provide his advice on the best way to batch sparge your home brewed beer.

NOTE: The full episode with video and show notes can be found here.