FastFerment – An Affordable Conical Beer Fermenter

FastFerm1Looking for a Better Fermentation Option?

I’ve always wanted a good conical fermenter, but they were not affordable.  I’ve been using carboys for years, and they work fine – but transferring beer between carboys creates risk.  Risk of infection from bacteria and also the risk of adding oxygen to my beer during the transfer.

Why do the Pro’s Use Conical Fermenters?

Every modern professional brewery uses conical fermenters.  Why?  Because the conical is a “uni-tank” which means that you can use it for primary fermentation, secondary fermentation and age the beer all within the same vessel.  The steep walls of the cone force yeast and other sediment to the bottom of the tank, making it easy to separate wort from yeast without needing to transfer your wort.  This means reduced risk of both bacterial contamination and also less risk of getting oxygen into your beer.

Imagine your Best Beer Ever!

A conical fermenter is also better for your fermentation.  It is a closed vessel, and the conical shape is ideal to ensure minimal contact between sediment and beer.  You can transfer the wort without siphoning.  You can even draw beer samples out using their removable bulb for measuring without disturbing the beer.  You’ll get a cleaner fermentation with less risk of oxidation and less risk of infection.

Why Choose FastFerment?

FastFerment offers superior performance and an affordable price!

  • 7.9 gallon/30 liter Conical Fermenter – Room for a 5-6.5 gallon (19-23 l) batch plus blow-off!
  • Collection ball for yeast harvesting/sampling
  • 1″ Teflon Valve, fittings and 1/2″ PVC hose for easy sampling or transfer
  • Wall mounts and anchors included for easy mounting
  • Thermowell suitable for temperature monitoring (thermometer optional)
  • Made from durable food grade plastic
  • 6″ Removable top for easy cleaning with fitting for airlock
  • Height: 36.5″ with ball attached, Width: 14.75″ withwall  mounting bolts
  • Optional tabletop stand available (39″ high with stand)

Order Your FastFerment Today!

An affordable conical fermenter made from durable food grade plastic with wall mounts.  From Great Fermentations Affiliate.

Order FastFerment System

Includes: 7.9 gal/30 l Fermenter, 6″ top, airlock, wall mount, anchors, 1/2″ transfer tube, teflon valve, instructions and one yeast collection ball. (Table Stand Not Included)

Fast Ferment Kit


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