BeerSmith™ Mobile Home Brewing App for iPhone/iPad, Android and Kindle

Brewing Recipes On The Go?

Have you ever wanted to toy with your favorite beer recipes on the road?   I’ve spent the better part of the last two years making that dream a reality.  First I created the recipe cloud site, which now hosts over 740,000 recipes, and  I’m pleased to announce the availability of of BeerSmith™ Mobile which brings recipe editing to your phone or tablet.


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BeerSmith 3 Mobile

With the release of BeerSmith 3 for desktop, I have a lot of people asking about the mobile version upgrade.  BeerSmith Mobile 3 is planned for release on Google Play and iTunes in late July 2018.  It is in beta testing now.  If you already have BeerSmith Mobile 2.3 you don’t need to take any action – your mobile app will be upgraded to V3 in late July.  Also I am planning to phase out the “BeerSmith Lite” app, and it will not be upgraded to the 3.0 baseline.

BeerSmith™ Mobile – iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets and Kindle Fire

BeerSmith™ mobile brings you full recipe editing.  You can add new ingredients, alter your mash schedule and run the brewday timer all from your phone or mobile device.  It also has the ability to create new recipes on your mobile device.  It will be available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet and Kindle Fire operating systems.

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Cloud Access to Your Desktop Data

BeerSmith™ Mobile is integrated with the recipe sharing site, so you can easily transfer your recipes to your cloud folder from your desktop and open them on your phone for editing.  You can also edit recipes in your cloud folder on your mobile device, making it easy to manage your recipes on the go.

iPadCloudYour profile data (equipment, mash profiles, fermentation profiles) can be saved from your cloud recipes to your mobile device to make it easy to get started using your equipment setup or favorite mash schedule.  Ingredients can also be viewed and saved from any recipe so its easy to add ingredients from your favorite recipe to your mobile ingredient database.

Recipe Editing, Scaling, Adjustment Functions

Click on the edit button to open any recipe for editing.  BeerSmith™ mobile shows the color of the beer as well as a style guide comparison that are updated as you edit.  You can easily add new ingredients from the pre-loaded list of ingredients at the click of a button.  The full BJCP style guide is also included for building new recipes.

I’ve also included functions to change the original gravity, bitterness or color levels easily just like you can on the desktop version.  BeerSmith™ mobile even includes the scale recipe command which can scale a recipe to match a different set of equipment all in one step.

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Editable Recipe Profiles and Ingredients

iPhoneEditYou can save recipe profiles or ingredients from any recipe including those you have transferred from your desktop and fully edit them in BeerSmith™ mobile.  Just view the recipe (don’t edit) and view the item you want to add, then save that item.  You can also fully edit any of these profiles or ingredients.  This lets you adjust your equipment losses, edit a mash profile or add a new ingredient on the fly.

The following items are fully editable:

  • Recipes
  • Equipment Profiles
  • Mash Profiles
  • Fermentation Profiles
  • Age profiles
  • Carbonation Profiles
  • Hops
  • Grains
  • Yeasts
  • Water Profiles
  • Misc Ingredients

Brewday Timer with Session Data Entry

iPadMashEditBeerSmith™ mobile includes the full brew day timer for both mash and boil phases, so you can drop a recipe into your cloud folder on your desktop, walk to the garage and start the timer from your mobile device.  Alarms are played as you reach new steps such as mash step changes or boil ingredient additions.

BeerSmith™ mobile also includes an area for entry of session data and editable notes, so you can record critical volumes, gravities or notes as you brew and have them stored in your recipe for future reference.

Brewing Tools and Unit Converters

The BeerSmith™ app also includes a suite of 7 handy brewing tools for common functions like determining alcohol content, converting a refractometer reading or adjusting your mash temperature.  I added unit converters for volume, weights, temperature, and OG to perform those functions.

  • iPhoneGravHydrometer Adjustment
  • Infusion Step Tool
  • Alcohol and Attenuation Tool
  • Mash Adjust Tool
  • Weight to Volume Tool
  • Refractometer Tool
  • Carbonation Tool
  • Temperature, Gravity, Weight, Volume, Pressure unit converters

Where to Learn More?

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