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Out privacy policy is not to sell or share your email address, password or IP address with third parties except for official legal request (such as a legal warrant or subpeona from a judge).

If you sign up for our email list when registering you will be added to the BeerSmith email list only. You may receive email notifications for various events and news from the BeerSmith site, BeerSmith Email List, site, or BeerSmith Forum including the private messaging service on the site, but these can be turned off by going to your profile page on the various web sites or unsubscribing at any time from our email list if desired.

While we never share your email, password or private information, we do occasionally send promotional emails including paid ads and new BeerSmith product announcements as part of the BeerSmith newsletter.  We do this rarely (a few times a year) and only send these emails as part of our newsletter.

For the BeerSmithRecipe site, all recipes you mark as public will be publicly available to anyone. Any data you enter in your user profile (except email address and password) such as your name, web site, avatar, tagline, etc…will be shown in your public profile. Your wall posts, forum posts, comments, reviews, people you are following, etc will also be publicly viewable by anyone.  You can choose from your profile page whether you wish to receive messages from other users, as well as adjust email notification options for other events such as when someone reviews a recipe of yours.

BeerSmith, and the BeerSmith forum do use “cookies” which are stored by your web browser to support session logins.

Large portions of the content on the BeerSmith web sites are user-contributed, and the owners of the site make no attempt to moderate or filter every posting. If you find a post, comment, or other content that is offensive or inappropriate, please report it to a moderator for review. There are “report to moderator” buttons throughout the website.

We do reserve the unilateral right to ban users, remove accounts or remove content that is found to be offensive, inappropriate, or in violation of the user agreement. In extreme cases, your user account may be removed along with all of your content. If you are a paid subscriber and your account is closed or locked you may request a refund for the pro-rated (unused portion for remaining term) of your subscription payment by submitting a request in writing.

If you would like to remove your account you can contact us on the support page and we will take steps to remove your account and data from our sites.


Like ALL non-encrypted web sites, BeerSmith, the BeerSmith forum, and BeerSmith email list are  NOT hosted on a secure socket (SSL) encrypted servers, so your data including recipe data, passwords and user names are NOT encrypted during transmission over the internet. As a result, we cannot guarantee your privacy or security when transmitting recipe data. The service is not designed to protect proprietary or private personal information, but provides security and protection comparable to other non-encrypted web sites such as discussion forums or conventional recipe web sites.

We only store encrypted versions of your password on our sites and never store the unencrypted passwords, and we do take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access, and do our best to protect your privacy within the limitations of an open conventional web site.

If you are using BeerSmith 3 (desktop and mobile) then the connections to the recipe server at is secured using SSL/TLS 1.2 so your data is encrypted from end-to-end when moving recipe data, passwords and other items to the cloud.  BeerSmith 2.x did not use a secure connection, so your data is not encrypted using BeerSmith2.  If you access via the secure link here it is also encrypted.

We do recommend periodically making local copies of your recipes and backing up any important data – most importantly you should back up your Documents/BeerSmith2 directory if you use the desktop version of BeerSmith, and also make local copies of important cloud data.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line: we do take reasonable steps to protect your data and privacy within the limits of normal non-encrypted servers, and will not intentionally share your data with anyone (except authorized law personnel with a legal warrant) without your permission.

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