Judging Beer with Grandmaster Gordon Strong – BSHB Podcast #6

by Brad Smith on December 21, 2010 · 1 comment

Gordon Strong, the President of the BJCP is my guest this week. He is the world’s only Grand Master Level V beer judge and also one of the top competitive home brewers in the US. We talk about judging beer, what it takes to be a Grandmaster Level V beer judge, and how an average home brewer can use competition and beer judging skills to improve their beer. Gordon also talks about his new book “Brewing Better Beer” which is being released this Spring.

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Gordon Strong - Beer JudgeTopics in This Week’s Episode (34:22)

  • This week’s guest is Gordon Strong, the President of the Beer Judge Certification Program, and also the world’s only Grandmaster Level V beer judge. Gordon also has a book coming out in April-June timeframe called “Brewing Better Beer”
  • The focus of this week’s episode is Beer Judging and the Beer Judge Certification Program
  • We talk about the BJCP style guide and how its used for beer brewing and judging
  • What a first time competitor might see in competition
  • Some of the most common flaws Gordon sees in home brewed beers he judges
  • The BJCP certification program, its levels, and how to become a judge
  • Advice for competitive brewers
  • Gordon’s life as a jet-set rock star beer brewer
  • Gordon’s new book “Brewing Better Beer” coming out this Spring

Thanks again to Gordon Strong for taking time out to participate in the podcast.

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Sean January 4, 2011 at 6:15 am

Love it! My browser tab cuts the title off so it says “Judging Beer with Grandma…” Oh, and the interview is good also.

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