New Hop Varieties with Nathan Smith – BeerSmith Podcast #93

by Brad Smith on December 8, 2014 · 1 comment

PodNew200Nathan Smith joins me this week to discuss the many new hop varieties coming out for home and craft beer brewers. Nathan, an award winning brewer, gave a presentation at last year’s National Homebrew Conference on some of the great new hops entering the market, and shares this with us today.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (43:28)

  • Nathan Smith is a nationally award winning home brewer and frequent guest on the Brewing Network. He joins me this week to discuss the many new hop varieties entering the market. Nathan appeared before on Podcast #50 discussing Saisons and Podcast #17 on Sour beer. He has a brewing web site at and you can also follow him on twitter @nathanhomebrew.
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  • Nathan shares some of his new brewing projects including collaborations he is doing with commercial breweries
  • We start with a discussion of new hop varieties and why they are not all for IPAs!
  • Nathan shares the idea and genesis of many of the new hops, as well as why we’re seeing so many new ones enter the market.
  • He shares how commercial hops come to the market, and how it can take many years to develop and commercialize a new variety
  • We talk about who’s developing all of these new hops as well as hop patenting
  • Nathan shares a few hop varieties that he can recommend
  • We talk about sample recipes, many of which can be found at Nathan’s BeerSmithRecipes page
  • We discuss Seiner, Lemondrop as well as Mosaic and Equinox – all of which have had an impact on the market
  • Nathan provides some practical advice for brewers looking to experiment with new hop varieties
  • He shares his closing thoughts.

Thanks to Nathan Smith for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!

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