BeerSmith 3 – Pricing and Preorder Discount Open Now!

A few days ago I sent the BeerSmith 3 Quick Look out and described some of the highlights for BeerSmith 3 including:

  • Beer, Mead, Wine and Cider recipe support and an updated user interface
  • Substantial new beer features including water and mash tools, 2 step starters, and more

Today I’m happy to open the preorder discount. If you want to skip all of the preliminaries and preorder immediately you can do it here:

Preorder BeerSmith 3

BeerSmith 3 License Options

Four license levels are available: three subscription options and one “pay it now”. Licenses are now tied to your cloud account using an online activation system:

  • Basic License – You pay a single fee which entitles you to 2 activations, minor updates only and a basic cloud account.
  • Gold License – Subscription option which gives you two personal activations, a Gold level cloud account, free major version updates, and upcoming cloud features. Starts at $9.95 for the first year!
  • Platinum License – Subscription option which gives you three personal activations, a Platinum level cloud account, free major version updates, and upcoming cloud features.
  • Pro License – Subscription option which gives you five commercial level activations, a Pro level cloud account, free major version updates, and upcoming cloud features

I’ve significantly lowered the entry price for subscription options, and you can now subscribe yearly with autorenew starting as low as $9.95 for the first year. Click on the buy link above to see the pricing and features for various levels.

BeerSmith 2 Upgrade Options

    • Existing Gold/Platinum/Professional Members – Have automatically had a BeerSmith 3 license installed in their cloud account for their current term. I will also update the accounts once more before the launch date. No action is needed on your part, and you do not need to pay separately for an upgrade.
    • Recent BeerSmith 2 Purchasers: If you bought BeerSmith 2 after 15 October 2017 you can use this link to get a free 12 month Gold membership. Log in and enter your activation key (from Help->Activate in BeerSmith 2) and the system will apply install your BeerSmith 3 license in your account.
    • Older BeerSmith 2 Licenses: We are offering a substantial pre-order discount on BeerSmith 3 now. I believe most existing users can find an affordable plan below. I intend to close the pre-order pricing out by the end of June, so act now.

Preorder BeerSmith 3

Would You Like to Learn More?

I’ve posted a more detailed article on the features in BeerSmith 3 here along with linked release notes. I’ve also created a page here explaining the new online licensing system and licensing and upgrades in more detail.

The “upcoming cloud features” referenced above include a series of online tools and work I’m doing to develop an online version of BeerSmith you can access from anywhere. Fortunately quite a bit of the groundwork is done already as I have the cloud server with recipes on it, and also a substantial body of web based code that can be used. This will be fully accessible to Gold and above members.

I know some people will be opposed to a paid upgrade to BeerSmith 3 since all minor updates for the last 7 years were free, but I ask that you consider the excellent value the software has provided for you over a period of years as well as the many free BeerSmith activities it supports including the BeerSmith Blog, Newsletter, and Podcast when you make your purchase decision.

Brad Smith, BeerSmith LLC

23 thoughts on “BeerSmith 3 – Pricing and Preorder Discount Open Now!”

  1. > Older BeerSmith 2 Licenses: We are offering a substantial pre-order discount on BeerSmith 3 now. I believe most existing users can find an affordable plan below.

    Is the pricing of upgrades for existing users of BeerSmith 2 the same as that available to anyone else? That’s a bit unusual, not to say disappointing. Normally prices of software upgrades are less expensive than licenses for first time customers, even during promotions.

  2. Does the preorder discount also apply to the recurring yearly subscription, if you set it to that rather than just the one year activation?

  3. Richard eidle

    Will the basic licence allow one desktop version and one mobile (app) version or will they be separate purchases? Will beersmith 3 link to the current beersmith app or will version 3 not connect to current mobile version.

  4. With the Activations, you state a number allowed per computer, does this number include devices such as phones and tablets, or purely “fully fledged” laptop and desktop computers?

  5. Only desktop/laptop computers such as Mac or PC (or Linux). The mobile version will still be sold/licensed through the iTunes/Google Play stores which have their own separate licensing and distribution system.

  6. Another question about activations – I’ve had to reset my computer a few times, or just bought a new computer. It’s never been an issue with the current Beersmith. I’ve been able to install it over and over. Does this mean I won’t be able to do that with 3?

  7. William Silupu

    Dear Sirs,

    I have the version 2, then I could have the update of the new free version? or a discount on your new version? how much would it be? Could you please explain to me how you could do?

  8. Just so I am clear – there is no discounted upgrade option for recent purchasers of the BeerSmith 2 One Time Basic to go to BeerSmith 3 One Time Basic? I purchased in the last two months and it looks the only option is to go from the standalone version to an annual subscription version. Correct?

  9. Just bought BeerSmith 2 before BS3 was announced. Is there a way to get upgraded without having to pay for it if that is the case?

  10. Yes, though some features are not yet in the mobile such as cloud folders and support for mead/wine/cider. You will be able to access your beer recipes.

    I do have a mobile update to the 3.0 platform planned for late July – it is in beta testing now.

  11. I believe that is explained above – there are upgrade options for recent purchasers and I’m running a pretty good discount right now on people who want the new version.

  12. You can manage activations through your online account so you will be able to deactivate a device you are not using from your cloud account->profile page.

  13. The mobile app is still a separate purchase, though if you buy the full BeerSmith 2 Mobile I will be upgrading that to the 3.0 baseline for free in late July. The mobile app is in beta testing now.

  14. I thought of building a complex system to let you insert your existing key and access a discount but it seemed a bit difficult to manage in practice. I decided instead to run the preorder at a very good price and also extend it into the early launch period for those who wish to upgrade.

  15. Elton Donnel Cabardo

    Hi Brad,

    I’m currently on Gold Subscription. I noticed Gold and Platinum says Personal Use License. What’s the difference of the Personal Use License and Commercial use License?



  16. just purchased a robobrew gen 3 with pump and wonder what support does beersmith 3 software offer me. any info would be greatfully appreciated.

  17. I had a Lite version upgraded to paid version.
    In google play I can not upgrade to version 3. How do I get version 3 without paying once I already paid?

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