Q&A with John Palmer and Stan Hieronymus – BeerSmith Podcast #200

John Palmer and Stan Hieronymus join me this week for a special episode #200 beer brewing question and answer session.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (52:42)

  • This week I welcome John Palmer and Stan Hieronymus join me for a special episode #200 of the BeerSmith Podcast. We have an informal question and answer session with two of the best in home brewing.
  • We start with some thoughts on reaching the 200th episode of the BeerSmith podcast and almost 9 years of podcasting.
  • Stan kicks it off with a discussion on why IBU estimates are not always accurate and why even measured IBUs from a lab may not tell the entire story.
  • John explains his thoughts on water adjustments for extract beer brewers.
  • Stan shares some of the differences between brewing on a home system versus a large commercial size system and what changes.
  • John talks about mash pH and the best ways to approach adjusting your mash pH to get the best beer.
  • Stan talks about double and triple dry hopped beers as well as what some of the new hopping schemes really entail.
  • John shares his thoughts on the judicious use of crystal malts.
  • Stan shares his thoughts on crystal malts as well as the larger issue of designing recipes.
  • They both share their thoughts on the recent decline in homebrewing in the US as well as what it might take to turn things around.
  • They share closing thoughts.


Thanks to John Palmer and Stan Hieronymus for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!
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1 thought on “Q&A with John Palmer and Stan Hieronymus – BeerSmith Podcast #200”

  1. Brad,
    Congratulations on the 200th podcast. I have listened to most of them and learn something from each one. I especially enjoyed the Q&A with John and Stan. I hope you do more of those Q&A’s. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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