The Craft Maltster’s Guild with Jamie Sherman and Jen Blair – BeerSmith Podcast #186

by Brad Smith on January 24, 2019 · 0 comments

Dr Jamie Sherman and Jen Blair join me to discuss the Craft Malster’s Guild, their upcoming conference and the craft malt industry in general.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (47:47)

  • Today my guests are Dr Jamie Sherman and Jen Blair. Jamie Sherman is a barley breeder at Montana State University since 2014 where she oversees the newly created malt quality lab. Jen Blair is executive director of the North American Craft Malster’s Guild, and also a member of the AHA governing committee. She is also an advanced Cicerone and certified BJCP beer judge.
  • We start with a discussion of the definition of Craft Malting and what makes it different from traditional large malsters.
  • Jen, who is Executive Director of the Craft Malting Guild, explains what the Craft Maltster’s Guild is and what it does for its members.
  • Jamie discusses craft malting in Montana as well as the work ongoing between Montana State University and both barley growers and malsters.
  • Jen explores how growth in craft malting is following the craft beer industry’s needs for unique products and focus on locally grown ingredients.
  • Jamie tells us what features craft brewers are looking for in new malts.
  • Jen explains how the craft malting guild works to connect small barley growers with craft malsters.
  • Jamie tells us about the research efforts ongoing at Montana state in barley breeding to product new barley breeds with unique characteristics and flavor.
  • Jen tells us about some of the challenges that craft malsters face when trying to compete with large malt houses.
  • Jamie tells us a bit about her presentation with Hanna Turner at the Craft Malting conference next month.
  • Jen tells us a bit more about the craft malting conference to be held in February as well as the guild.
  • Both guests share their closing thoughts on where craft malting is going in the future. We also briefly discuss how home brewers can get craft malts.


Thanks to Jen Blair and Dr Jamie Sherman for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!
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