BeerSmith 2.3 Download Page


Looking for BeerSmith 3?

This page has the older BeerSmith 2.3 download.  You can download the newer BeerSmith 3 here!

BeerSmith™ 2.3 Update

Download BeerSmith 2.3 for Mac, PC or Linux

Windows Download Here

Macintosh Download Here

  • NOTE: BeerSmith 2 does not support Mac OSX Big Sur and above.  You need to upgrade to BeerSmith 3.1 to run on OSX Big Sur or higher.
  • Macintosh Installer: Mac 64-bit
  • Version 2.3.12 for Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks through Catalina (Alt Download) – You need Version 3.1 for Big Sur or higher!

Linux/Ubuntu Download Here

Additional Downloads

Non-English Versions and Files

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Installing BeerSmith™

  • PC: Run BeerSmith2_Installer.exe
  • Mac: Open BeerSmith2.dmg
  • Try it free for 21 days
  • Purchase a key to activate it permanently

Upgrading an Existing BeerSmith™ 2 Installation to the Latest Build

  • Be sure to close any running versions of BeerSmith before upgrading
  • It is never a bad idea to make a backup copy of your Documents/BeerSmith2 directory before upgrading – this contains all of your data (~/.beersmith on Linux)
  • Download the latest version (PC or Mac) above
  • For the PC version, run the installer and install it to the same Program Files directory as your existing program
  • For the Mac version, open the DMG file and drag the BeerSmith program to your Applications folder. You will be prompted to overwrite the existing application. If you have trouble opening the compressed DMG file above, try downloading and opening the uncompressed file instead.
  • Never install the program to your Documents/BeerSmith2 directory as this could overwrite your existing data.