Using Whirlpool and Steeped Hops to Enhance Hop Aroma – Beer Brewing Quick Tip

Tips200Brewers have moved away from short boil time hops and towards the use of steeped and whirlpool hops (after flameout) to preserve precious hop aroma oils when brewing beer. In this short video we explain why.

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3 thoughts on “Using Whirlpool and Steeped Hops to Enhance Hop Aroma – Beer Brewing Quick Tip”

  1. Great video ….thanks for explaining the advantages of a whirlpool addition. I also heard that you should allow the temp of the wort to drop to about 180 ….so the hop oils won’t just flash off due to the near boiling temp. Is there any truth to that?


  2. I’m currently dropping down the temperature after flameout to 75C and then doing a hop stand for around 20 minutes where I’m not actively cooling the wort. I find this helps a lot at coaxing maximum aroma from the whirlpool addition.

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