BeerSmith 3.1 Mobile Released and Price Lowered

I’m happy to announce the BeerSmith Mobile 3.1.9 update has been released for Android, iPhone/IOS and the Amazon app store. The app is being released on an “rolling” basis to existing users or via the app store over the next week.

More Value, Costs Less

The new BeerSmith Mobile release is a significant improvement over the 3.0 release, but I’ve also lowered the price. I’ve reduced the price from $7.99 US to $4.99 US for the month of October, 2020 to support brewers who may be spending more time brewing at home, but feeling the economic impacts of COVID.

As a reminder, I’ve stopped development on the BeerSmith Lite app, but any Gold or higher license holder can access the same features previously included in BeerSmith Lite by just logging in at from their mobile device, or simply purchase BeerSmith Mobile.

I’ve started development on a web-based version of BeerSmith that will allow you to edit cloud recipes from any web browser or mobile device. At the moment I’m planning to release the web based version next year followed by the ability do do data sync (ingredients, profiles) with the desktop version after that.

BeerSmith Mobile 3.1 Features

The two main complaints with earlier versions of BeerSmith mobile were issues with the file storage system and the somewhat clunky hierarchical menu system. So for the new version I’ve moved to an SQL-Lite storage system which provides reliable data storage and also a simple pop-up menu system to allow easier navigation between pages.

NOTE: Several people have written to ask where the timer has moved to? If you go to My Recipes and click on the button to the right of any of the recipe name listings a popup menu will appear that lets you copy, move, view or run the brewday timer on the recipe.

  • Entire storage system has been moved to a SQL based database for significantly improved reliability
  • A new popup menu system makes it much easier to navigate between recipes, tools and pages
  • Improved 3.1 brewing features including alternate mash pH models, “sparge” mash additions and dry hop options
  • Clicking on an item takes you straight to edit
  • Added a large number of new brewing tools to match desktop version
  • Numeric fields now bring up the numeric keyboard on most devices
  • Fermentation data can now be recorded from the mobile device
  • Timer system revamped to show up as a bar on top of page
  • Each recipe now has a popup button for moving/deleting/brewday timer
  • Header at top of screen will now dynamically appear/disappear when scrolling
  • Most views remember their last scroll position and don’t scroll all the way to the top every time

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issues with Weyermann malt additions not correctly being included in mash volumes
  • Corrected issue where you could not easily change cloud logins by entering new username/password under Options->Login
  • Corrected subtle issue with mash infusion temps not properly including the mash tun volume corrections
  • Corrected issue where some misc water agents marked as boil also showed up in water prep for timer
  • Corrected issue with brewday timer – it now shows no mash ingredients for things like cider
  • Added FG, ABV and bitterness ratio to recipe editor to make them available when editing a recipe
  • Corrected major issues with dry yeast calculations under recipe builder – now correct
  • Corrected problem with cloud popup menu not working from Tools views
  • Corrected minor display issue on Profiles->Styles list for IOS

Thank you for your continued support and please keep an eye on my blog or email list to receive the latest news on BeerSmith.

Brad Smith, PhD

BeerSmith LLC

2 thoughts on “BeerSmith 3.1 Mobile Released and Price Lowered”

  1. Timothy Schatti

    What happen to the brew day session button under the brew day timer? It is no longer there as of the last update.

  2. Really haven’t been a huge fan of this new mobile layout so far. It fixed some issues, and seemingly created others. A lot of the flow in the actual recipe areas seems clunky. Like, if you are editing a recipe- you then need to go “back” in order to start the timer, etc.

    In the “My Recipes” screen, it would at least make more sense for the default “click” on a recipe to take you to the “View Recipe” page, not the actual “Edit” page. If the default is the “view recipe” then the 3-line/hamburger button on the side should bring up “Edit Recipe, Copy, move, Timer”. You should also be able to launch the timer and edit from the “view recipe” page.

    The timer running banner at the top is great though- it makes it a lot more comfortable going to the tools, like hydrometer temp adjust, and then jumping back into the brew day. That is a major improvement that I do appreciate.

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