Yeast Viability and Reuse with Chris White – BeerSmith Podcast #280

Dr Chris White joins me this week to talk about yeast viability, harvesting yeast and reusing yeast from batch to batch.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (48:59)

  • This week I welcome back Dr Chris White, President of White Labs one of the top brewing yeast providers in the world.
  • We discuss some of the new products coming from White Labs.
  • Chris starts with a discussion of yeast viability – specifically what it is.
  • We talk about the factors affecting yeast viability for liquid yeast and how it affects the lifespan for a package of yeast.
  • Chris shares his thoughts on determining when a packet of yeast is past its prime.
  • He shares the basic process for harvesting yeast from a fermentation for reuse.
  • We discuss washing yeast and what that entails.
  • Chris tells us how to store harvested yeast and when the best time to use it is.
  • We talk about how much repitched yeast to use and whether a starter is needed.
  • Chris tells us how many times you can reuse yeast.
  • He gives his closing thoughts.


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