Starting a Brewery with Alex Wenner – BeerSmith Podcast #279

by Brad Smith on April 29, 2023 · 2 comments

Alex Wenner joins me this week to discuss starting his brewery Lasting Joy in the Hudson Valley.

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I apologize – we had some audio issues recording this week’s podcast, so the audio is a bit overcompressed, but we should have it sorted out next episode.

Topics in This Week’s Episode (50:07)

  • This week I welcome Alex Wenner. Alex is CEO and co-founder of Lasting Joy on the Hudson Valley.  Alex previously worked at Cricket Hill, Six Point and Coney Island while earning his degree from the Siebel Institute.  Alex co-founded Lasting Joy with his wife to create a Craft Beer experience that is more inviting and inclusive.
  • We discuss a bit about Alex’s background in brewing for a decade professionally at craft breweries around New York City.
  • We discuss some of the good and bad things Alex saw working in the Craft Beer industry.
  • Alex explains why he decided to start Lasting Joy brewery.
  • We talk about how Alex selected his equipment for the new brewery, as well as some of the larger challenges in getting a brewery off the ground.
  • Alex shares his design for Lasting Joy and the unique space and environment he and his wife were trying to create.
  • We discuss his initial beer lineup and how he selected which beers to brew.
  • Alex has focused on using locally grown New York ingredients. We talk about the emerging craft malt and hop farms popping up in New York State.
  • Alex shares where he’s going with the business next
  • We discuss his location, website and closing thoughts.


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Williams January 17, 2024 at 10:27 pm

Hudson Valley, represent! Great podcast. I’ll need to check out the location soon and see if it’s anywhere near me.

Williams March 10, 2024 at 8:56 pm

Using local products is so important to me. The Hudson Valley deserves this level of pride!

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