The Homebrew Chef – Sean Z. Paxton – BeerSmith Podcast 21

by Brad Smith on September 1, 2011 · 2 comments

This week my guest is “The Homebrew Chef” Sean Z. Paxton. Sean is arguably the most famous beer chef in the world – and has been the chef for the last several National Homebrew Conference banquets. He is also an active author, has a new podcast on cooking with beer and cooks for major beer events around the country.

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From Top Left: Sean Paxton (Big Guy), Brad Smith, Jamil Zainasheff, John Palmer and Gordon Strong at NHC 2011


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Topics in This Week’s Episode (46:20)

  • This week’s guest is Sean Z. Paxton, aka “The Homebrew Chef”. Sean is a full time chef who focuses on beer-food pairings, using beer in food and even making delicious meals that accent and reflect the flavors found in beer. Sean has a website a with many of his recipes and also does a monthly podcast called “The Homebrewed Chef” on the Brewing Network.
  • Sean talks a bit about how he has carved out a very unique niche as the “go-to” chef for homebrewers and beer lovers.
  • He talks about why beer food pairing and cooking with beer is given less attention than pairing and cooking with wine.
  • Sean shares his thoughts on beer-food pairing
  • We talk about using beer as an ingredient with many foods
  • Sean talks about his new monthly podcast “The Homebrewed Chef” on the Brewing Network
  • He shares his recipe for “beer brined Turkey”
  • We talk about what is meant by beer cuisine – going beyond just using beer in a dish
  • Sean discusses using beer brewing ingredients for cooking – such as hops and malt
  • We talk about where listeners can learn more about beer cuisine and beer brewing – including Sean’s website (link above)
  • Sean talks about how he has been experimenting with using the “water tool” to make water profiles to enhance bread, pizza crust, etc…

Thanks again to Sean Paxton who was kind enough to take time from his very busy schedule to appear on the show!

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Top Beer Brands September 6, 2011 at 6:00 am

Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed the pod cast. Just stumbled across this site today, and it seems really cool! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Bob Zeitlhofer January 18, 2012 at 1:06 am

Just found your site a couple of weeks and have slowly making my way through the podcasts and they been excellent, but this one was truly very good. Combines my two favourite food groups; food and beer (in no particular order of preference).

Thanks Brad great job

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