BeerSmith Yeast and Hop Updates 2020 Available

I recently posted both yeast and hops updates for BeerSmith 3 and BeerSmith 2 to the add-ons server in BeerSmith. These are recommended downloads for BeerSmith users.

These add-ons update the core yeast and hops listings to include new yeasts such as Kveik as well as some 63 new hop varieties. To download these updates, open BeerSmith and go to File->Add-ons. The yeast update is listed as Yeast Update 2020 and the hops update is Hops Update 2020.

Also if you have not downloaded the BeerSmith 3.1 update for BeerSmith desktop I highly recommend downloading that as well.

In addition a number of other add-ons have been posted over the last several months – these include: Omega and Imperial Yeast updates, Spike equipment, official Grainfather equipment profiles, Crisp Malts, Agraria malts, Deer Creek Malts, Yeast Bay yeasts, Escarpment yeasts, Proximity malts, Blichmann equipment profiles, Coopers Extracts, Propagate Yeast, Muntons Malts, Brewzilla profiles, Admiral malts, Briess and more.

If you have an older add-on you can uninstall and then reinstall it to pick up new data.

Thanks again for your continued support of BeerSmith!

Brad Smith, BeerSmith LLC

1 thought on “BeerSmith Yeast and Hop Updates 2020 Available”

  1. There is a local yeast brand – Yeastlab and I can’t import it into version 3.1 like I did to version 2. Can I do that? Or does the manufacturer have to send you to add them to the add-on?

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