BeerSmith 3.1 Released

by Brad Smith on June 22, 2020 · 1 comment

I’m happy to announce the official release of the BeerSmith 3.1 update. This update includes some significant updates to the BeerSmith data storage model, TILT data import, new brewing features and a large number of bug fixes.

This release is also a very important foundational step towards establishing both an online version of BeerSmith and my long term goal of having profiles/ingredients and inventory shared across platforms.

This is a free update for all BeerSmith 3 license holders, and of course anyone can try the free 21 day trial. You can download it from the BeerSmith download page now.

NOTE: Due to the large number of foreign language users of BeerSmith, I’ve delayed posting this to the automatic update server until we can get additional translation files published. At this time you will need to manually download/update the program.

BeerSmith 3.1 Highlights

A complete list of features are here and the release notes can be found here.

  • An improved storage system that saves data as soon as you press Ok (transactional) which should significantly improve the reliability in the event your computer or program shuts down.
  • Tilt data import for use with Tilt hydrometers – you can import fermentation data via Tilt CSV or Tilt Google Spreadsheets. Also generic CSV import which can be used with other devices.
  • Support for alternate mash pH models – the MPH model or BW model can be selected via dropdown on the mash tab depending on your preferences.
  • Support for “late dark grain additions” to the mash. If you specify a dark grain as “sparge” in the use field, it will not be included in the mash calculations but will be listed to be added right before the sparge. This is consistent with many brewers who now add harsher dark malts right before the sparge to reduce harshness.
  • New hop fields to specify which phase and which day to add your dry hops along with the duration. This supports new techniques like dry hopping during fermentation or double-dry hopping. The dry hops also now show up on the brew calendar.
  • The ability to sort by most fields including date in the cloud folder.
  • A new storage location (recommended) – which moves data to the %APPDATA% or Library folder. This prevents a variety of issues we had with programs and storage backup systems altering the old Documents directory.
  • New commands to backup and restore your data from a zip file makes backups easy and fast.
  • An effort so streamline and simplify some interface elements by removing stray icons and the small “ball” indicators. These can be enabled if desired from the Options->Look and Feel menu.
  • A huge number of bug fixes.

Again you can download the BeerSmith 3.1 update and try it here. Those are some of the highlights – you can find a complete list of features are here and the release notes can be found here.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Brad Smith, PhD, BeerSmith LLC

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Andy June 23, 2020 at 11:07 am

Looking forward to this, especially the new mash pH estimators! As a Linux user, I’m assuming the update will push in a few weeks, as for previous releases?

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