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Malt, Grain, Extract Reference

BeerSmith Grain, Malt, Extract Listing

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Grains, Extracts & Sugars

NameOriginTypeColorMust MashPotential SGMax in batch
Acid MaltGermanyGrain3 SRMYes1.027 SG10.0 %
Amber Dry ExtractUSDry Extract13 SRMNo1.044 SG100.0 %
Amber Liquid ExtractUSExtract13 SRMNo1.036 SG100.0 %
Amber MaltUnited KingdomGrain22 SRMYes1.035 SG20.0 %
Aromatic MaltBelgiumGrain26 SRMYes1.036 SG10.0 %
Barley HullsUSAdjunct0 SRMNo1.000 SG5.0 %
Barley, FlakedUSGrain2 SRMYes1.032 SG20.0 %
Barley, RawUSGrain2 SRMYes1.028 SG15.0 %
Barley, TorrefiedUSGrain2 SRMYes1.036 SG40.0 %
Biscuit MaltBelgiumGrain23 SRMNo1.036 SG10.0 %
Black (Patent) MaltUSGrain500 SRMNo1.025 SG10.0 %
Black Barley (Stout)USGrain500 SRMNo1.025 SG10.0 %
Brown MaltUnited KingdomGrain65 SRMYes1.032 SG10.0 %
Brown Sugar, DarkUSSugar50 SRMNo1.046 SG10.0 %
Brown Sugar, LightUSSugar8 SRMNo1.046 SG10.0 %
BrumaltGermanyGrain23 SRMYes1.033 SG10.0 %
Candi Sugar, AmberBelgiumSugar75 SRMNo1.036 SG20.0 %
Candi Sugar, ClearBelgiumSugar1 SRMNo1.036 SG20.0 %
Candi Sugar, DarkBelgiumSugar275 SRMNo1.036 SG20.0 %
Cane (Beet) SugarUSSugar0 SRMNo1.046 SG7.0 %
Cara-Pils/DextrineUSGrain2 SRMNo1.033 SG20.0 %
CaraamberUSGrain30 SRMNo1.035 SG20.0 %
CarafoamUSGrain2 SRMNo1.033 SG20.0 %
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 10LUSGrain10 SRMNo1.035 SG20.0 %
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20LUSGrain20 SRMNo1.035 SG20.0 %
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 30LUSGrain30 SRMNo1.035 SG20.0 %
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40LUSGrain40 SRMNo1.034 SG20.0 %
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60LUSGrain60 SRMNo1.034 SG20.0 %
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80LUSGrain80 SRMNo1.034 SG20.0 %
Caramel/Crystal Malt -120LUSGrain120 SRMNo1.033 SG20.0 %
Caramunich MaltBelgiumGrain56 SRMNo1.033 SG10.0 %
CararedUSGrain20 SRMNo1.035 SG20.0 %
Caravienne MaltBelgiumGrain22 SRMNo1.034 SG10.0 %
Chocolate MaltUSGrain350 SRMNo1.028 SG10.0 %
Chocolate MaltUnited KingdomGrain450 SRMNo1.034 SG10.0 %
Corn Sugar (Dextrose)USSugar0 SRMNo1.046 SG5.0 %
Corn SyrupUSSugar1 SRMNo1.036 SG10.0 %
Corn, FlakedUSGrain1 SRMYes1.037 SG40.0 %
Dark Dry ExtractUSDry Extract18 SRMNo1.044 SG100.0 %
Dark Liquid ExtractUSExtract18 SRMNo1.036 SG100.0 %
Dememera SugarUnited KingdomSugar2 SRMNo1.046 SG10.0 %
Extra Light Dry ExtractUSDry Extract3 SRMNo1.044 SG100.0 %
GritsUSAdjunct1 SRMNo1.037 SG10.0 %
HoneyUSExtract1 SRMNo1.035 SG100.0 %
Invert SugarUnited KingdomSugar0 SRMNo1.046 SG10.0 %
Light Dry ExtractUSDry Extract8 SRMNo1.044 SG100.0 %
Maple SyrupUSSugar35 SRMNo1.030 SG10.0 %
Melanoiden MaltGermanyGrain20 SRMYes1.037 SG15.0 %
Mild MaltUnited KingdomGrain4 SRMYes1.037 SG100.0 %
Milk Sugar (Lactose)USSugar0 SRMNo1.035 SG10.0 %
MolassesUSSugar80 SRMNo1.036 SG5.0 %
Munich MaltGermanyGrain9 SRMYes1.037 SG80.0 %
Munich Malt - 10LUSGrain10 SRMYes1.035 SG80.0 %
Munich Malt - 20LUSGrain20 SRMYes1.035 SG80.0 %
Oats, FlakedUSGrain1 SRMYes1.037 SG30.0 %
Oats, MaltedUSGrain1 SRMYes1.037 SG10.0 %
Pale Liquid ExtractUSExtract8 SRMNo1.036 SG100.0 %
Pale Malt (2 Row) BelBelgiumGrain3 SRMYes1.037 SG100.0 %
Pale Malt (2 Row) UKUnited KingdomGrain3 SRMYes1.036 SG100.0 %
Pale Malt (2 Row) USUSGrain2 SRMYes1.036 SG100.0 %
Pale Malt (6 Row) USUSGrain2 SRMYes1.035 SG100.0 %
Peat Smoked MaltUnited KingdomGrain3 SRMYes1.034 SG20.0 %
Pilsner (2 Row) BelBelgiumGrain2 SRMYes1.036 SG100.0 %
Pilsner (2 Row) GerGermanyGrain2 SRMYes1.037 SG100.0 %
Pilsner (2 Row) UKUnited KingdomGrain1 SRMYes1.036 SG100.0 %
Pilsner Liquid ExtractUSExtract4 SRMNo1.036 SG100.0 %
Rice Extract SyrupUSExtract7 SRMNo1.032 SG15.0 %
Rice HullsUSAdjunct0 SRMNo1.000 SG5.0 %
Rice, FlakedUSGrain1 SRMYes1.032 SG25.0 %
Roasted BarleyUSGrain300 SRMNo1.025 SG10.0 %
Rye MaltUSGrain5 SRMYes1.029 SG15.0 %
Rye, FlakedUSGrain2 SRMYes1.036 SG10.0 %
Smoked MaltGermanyGrain9 SRMYes1.037 SG100.0 %
Special B MaltBelgiumGrain180 SRMYes1.030 SG10.0 %
Special RoastUSGrain50 SRMYes1.033 SG10.0 %
Sugar, Table (Sucrose)USSugar1 SRMNo1.046 SG10.0 %
Toasted MaltUnited KingdomGrain27 SRMYes1.033 SG10.0 %
TurbinadoUnited KingdomSugar10 SRMNo1.044 SG10.0 %
Victory MaltUSGrain25 SRMYes1.034 SG15.0 %
Vienna MaltGermanyGrain4 SRMYes1.036 SG90.0 %
Wheat Dry ExtractUSDry Extract8 SRMNo1.044 SG100.0 %
Wheat Liquid ExtractUSExtract8 SRMNo1.036 SG100.0 %
Wheat Malt, BelBelgiumGrain2 SRMYes1.037 SG60.0 %
Wheat Malt, DarkGermanyGrain9 SRMYes1.039 SG20.0 %
Wheat Malt, GerGermanyGrain2 SRMYes1.039 SG60.0 %
Wheat, FlakedUSGrain2 SRMYes1.035 SG40.0 %
Wheat, RoastedGermanyGrain425 SRMYes1.025 SG10.0 %
Wheat, TorrifiedUSGrain2 SRMYes1.036 SG40.0 %
White Wheat MaltUSGrain2 SRMYes1.040 SG60.0 %


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